Bauchi Beloved for her easy charm and honest observations, Los Angeles-based makeup artist Kira Nasrat will never let a client leave the house without looking anything less than perfect. Rest assured, she will always tell you if your self-tanning technique appears streaky or if that pale pink lipstick is not flattering.

http://gordonattard.com/mlm-tips-how-to-prospect-someone-you-dont-know/ With that said, The Wall Group-signed artist tackles each of her clients with a customized approach and packs her kit according to their personality and the current season. She is also hyper aware about the evolution of beauty and is a true consumer at heart, so naturally her closest confidants and clients trust her charismatic and forthcoming honesty.

But beauty as a career was an unexpected turn for Kira. After doing the makeup for a close family friend for a red carpet event, influencers came knocking for a chance to donn her signature subtle contour, a nineties matte brown lip, or her sultry cat eye.

And family and friends alike crave Kira’s sage beauty advice and constantly inquire about her new shade of lipstick or what mascara makes her lashes appear so long. The answer always begins with the same word, “Currently,” since she is regularly trying something new. Watch this space to see quick and easy makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel with special guests and familiar faces and what essentials Kira is currently coveting.

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