Dirty Hair Don't Care

Dirty Hair, Don’t Care

Currently confessing: Let me preface this by saying that I have curly hair; not cute, ringlet curls but the kinky kind that gets super frizzy and untamable. And I must confess that I can get hopelessly lazy when it comes to doing my own hair. Usually it’s because I don’t have the time or patience. Curly girls, you know that blowouts can easily take an hour to do. And if, like mine, your job demands a lot of travel, you know that hair maintenance on-the-go is an absolute chore. Here is what I do when I have dirty hair, don’t care…

Dirty Hair Don't Care

Step 1.

I mist rose water into my roots. I love the smell of it. Do this before bed and you’ll literally wake up and smell the roses. Herbivore makes a phenomenal one that’s designed for the hair. And if you don’t fancy the smell of roses, just use regular water.

Step 2.

Blow dry the roots completely using a round brush. I like the one from Ibiza, which really grabs the hair, allowing me to smooth out any frizz or curls as needed (but you can get away with using your fingers if your hair isn’t fussy like mine). My hair dryer of choice is the T-3 for how lightweight and easy it is to manage and for the way it leaves my hair extra shiny.

Step 3.

Spray some dry shampoo into the roots and let it sit for about a minute. You’ll notice there’s a powdery tint—don’t be alarmed! The powder is absorbing your hair’s excess oils. After a minute is up, run your fingers through or brush your hair out. At the moment I’m really enjoying the one from Living Proof.

Step 4.

Curl hair in sections, alternating strands outward and inward for a tousled finish. Both the T-3 Wand and The Hot Tools 1” Professional Curling Iron are excellent and are constantly recommended to me by celebrity hair stylists.

Step 5.

I use a sea salt spray to bring back the oomph. Currently I’m loving the one by Honest Beauty because it’s lightweight and allows movement in my hair creating beachy waves. Did I mention that it smells divine? I start from the bottom and spray upwards, gently rubbing strands of hair between my fingertips to create a piece-y look.

Dirty Hair Don't Care, Currently Kira

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I have a feeling that I’m not the only one with a hair confession, feel free to share yours with me below! xx


  • Coco says:

    Hi Kira!
    Just found your blog, I really enjoyed this! My hair tends to get dirty really fast and this was great for those days!!
    Coco| pjsandstuff.wordpress.com

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