the perfect red lipstick

Perfect Red Lipstick

Not all reds are created equal—but only you know what makes one superior to the next. Tatcha has won me over with their stunning Kyoto Red Silk lipstick, a bright and distinctive crimson color with a velvety smooth application. My husband very appropriately calls it “geisha red,” which was precisely Tatcha’s inspiration for the gorgeous shade. It’s matte (which I love), but hydrating and pairs flawlessly with Laura Mercier’s True Red lip liner. It’s quickly become a staple in both my beauty wardrobe and in my artist’s kit. (And that is saying something.) Don’t get me wrong, I’m not breaking up with my beloved Brat Pack by Lipstick Queen, but who says a girl can’t have two ​favorites? Continue to read on about for the perfect red lipstick.

the perfect red lipstick

 Currently In My Artist’s Kit


Fair Complexion: Bright red shades with blue undertones and raspberries look divine on fair and ivory skin. Cool blue tones make the teeth appear whiter so that’s always a win.

Medium Complexion: Orange based tones appear vibrant on caramel and olive skin. I love wearing it with a lipliner that has a hint of blue under tone.

Darker Complexion: Wine reds and plums are absolutely stunning on espresso skin tones. It’s perfect with a raisin lipliner.

Some things you should know about when picking your red.

Research is paramount. Take the time to find the shade that best suits you. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find yours on the first try. The shade you select should complement your skin tone and enhance your smile. How can you tell? Try it on. Swatch several variations, put one on and take it for a test drive. My advice? There are no rules just guidelines and no one season for a red lip—wear it wherever, whenever. That said, tailor your rouge to reflect your mood. Perhaps you like a poppy-orange red in the summer months and something that leans bordeaux during the winter season. The only real rule is that you wear what makes you feel beautiful and remember lipliner is always optional!

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Feel free to share your favorite red lipstick with me. xx


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