No-Makeup Makeup

No-Makeup Makeup

where can i buy ivermectin ivermectin My makeup bag is a revolving door of products—things are added or removed as I test new releases, sample looks for my kit and get inspired to try something bold. Peek inside my makeup bag and you’ll see that it changes almost daily, meaning that my everyday makeup “routine” is rarely ever the same. Thanks to my very disciplined skincare regime, most of the time, I skip makeup altogether (but that’s a blog post for another day—coming soon!). 

North Fort Myers When I can’t go completely makeup-free, I compromise with low maintenance look. Currently, I’m loving No-Makeup Makeup and for my red carpet clients who want to look elegant, but not “done.” There is certainly a time and a place for a smokey eye, but more often than not, less is more. Keep it as light as possible with my recommendations below.


No-makeup makeup


My eyelids are naturally a dark peach tone, often leading people to believe that I have makeup on even when I am bare-faced. For minimal makeup, I skip shadow and use a natural, tan-colored eyeliner in my waterline to make my eyes appear brighter and more awake. I love the one by Chanel. The formula glides on and doesn’t break apart.

Sometimes I’ll use a similar nude-toned eyeshadow stick instead of a liner. My current favorite is the one by Bobbi Brown called Sand Dune. It’s long-wearing and goes on creamy, but sets like a powder and really doesn’t move.

Mascara is always switching up for me. When going for a natural makeup look I use the Serge Lutens brown mascara to keep things toned down. The comb is divine and the formula has never let me down (or my lashes for that matter). Don’t forget to curl the lashes prior to mascara application.

Pro Tip: After you curl and apply mascara, add a subtle wing following the outer lashes from the corner of your eyes. It gives your eyes a small boost without looking like makeup. I use the Laura Mercier gel liner and a small, tapered brush to get the flick.

Brows—my absolute favorite part of makeup application. Don’t overdraw them, or shade them in, especially for no makeup, makeup. If they are full like mine, tame them with a tinted brow gel for a natural looking polish. I use MAC’s taupe shade, Beguile. Sometimes I use a blonde shade to soften them up and give dimension.


No-makeup makeup


As for foundation, if you don’t need it, skip it. I’ll use a concealer under my eyes, around my nose and to cover any unwanted guests on my face, blending completely. My go-to since it launched has been the Kevyn Aucoin concealer in #09. A little of this goes a long way so don’t use too much. The peachy-tan shade works so well to cover up the blue circles underneath my eyes.

Next, I’ll add a bit of NARS concealer in either the Honey (peachy) or Custard shade (yellow-toned). The creamy texture is great and it’s super pigmented, too. Your  finger will work to apply, but nothing diffuses a product more seamlessly than a beautyblender—I use the mini for blending concealer. I then set my under eyes with a powder and dust a little on my t-zone.

One product that I guarantee is always in my makeup bag is Hoola bronzer by Benefit. I use it to contour and bronze and will even add a little on my eyes to blot oil. The color is so natural—not too orange, or too grey—and can be used in so many ways. I think everyone needs a little Hoola in their kit.

I don’t always wear blush (and when I do, it is usually a cream formula) but I can’t be without Nectar powder blush by Bobbi Brown.


No-makeup makeup



I like to keep them super minimal, but healthy-looking and I do my best to keep up with regular exfoliation (about once a week, or as-needed). I just started using the ORMEDIC Balancing Lip Enhancement Complex by Image. It gives my lips a subtle boost of volume and keeps them hydrated. Sometimes I’ll wear this alone because, like my eyelids, my lips are also naturally quite dark pink.

If I want to play up the pink, I add a coral color over it. I love the RMS LIP2Cheek in Smile. I apply this to the center of my lips to give them the “lollipop effect.”


No-makeup makeup

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