10 Tip For The Hostess

 The duties of a good hostess are manifold. As a person who has hosted her fair share of festive soirées, I understand the stress of planning a killer dinner menu, let alone the pressure of keeping your eyeliner in place while doing so. Below, some of my tips for the hardworking hostess. With some forethought and a couple of fool-proof products, she will most certainly have the mostess.


10 tips for the hostess

 Look The Part

Tip 1: When playing the role of hostess, I like to dress according to my guest list. If it’s a rowdy crowd, I’ll throw on a fun leopard print to stand out amidst the chaos. If I’m hosting business colleagues, or if the affair seems more intimate, I opt for a little black dress. The most important thing is always to stay true to your personal style, but it never hurts to be on-theme. And always remember to wear comfortable shoes. 

Insure Your Lipstick

Tip 2: I take my lipstick very seriously, which means measures must be taken to preserve my color through eating, drinking and chatting. Always apply a lip liner before topping off with lipstick—Charlotte Tilbury, Laura Mercier and MAC all make excellent ones. As for lipstick, I’m loyal to MAC’s Ruby Woo and Russian Red. I also adore Tatcha’s Kyoto Red Silk lipstick if I’m going for high glam. For a more mysterious look, I love Victoria Beckham’s Black Cassis shade. Bobbi Brown in Crimson, Tom Ford’s Near Dark Lipstick and Oribe’s shade in  also make gorgeous wine shades with great color payoff and kiss-proof formulas.


Prep The Night Before

Tip 3: Both your meal and your outfit should be thoughtfully prepared in advance. Make sure everything is steamed, stitched and ready to wear the night before to preempt any unwanted surprises the day of your party. Steamers and sewing kits are always smart to have on hand. 


Get The Manicure

Tip 4: Your hands will be working hard while on full display of your guests, so make sure your tips are cleaned and polished. During this time of year especially, I gravitate towards dark crimsons and classic, cherry red nails (my favorites are Chanel 18 Vamp, 08 Pirate, Dior Rouge 999, Dark Berry 983). Pro tip: gel manicures are better suited for the wear and tear of hosting and won’t get chipped before the big night.




10 tips for the hostess

Make Mascara Last

Tip 5: There’s nothing worse than catching your reflection in the silver only to learn that you have raccoon eyes. Make waterproof mascara your best friend on party day. Dior, Serge Lutens and L’Oreal all make great long-lasting formulas that won’t budge while you are steaming broccoli. I also like to throw on a couple Cluster lashes by Kiss on the corners of my eye for an amped up feline effect.


No Touch-Ups Needed

Tip 6: Just as you keep your mascara from running, choose makeup that will stay put all day. I use Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks when I don’t have time to be darting off to the powder room every hour. To make it last even longer, I press a loose shadow, like Victoria Beckham’s sparkly brown shade, over top. Dior and Smashbox each make easy-to-apply waterproof eyeliners that will add definition without the pressure of fall-out.

Schedule The Entertainment

Tip 7: As hostess, your guests’ entertainment is your highest priority, so have some things planned ahead of time that will liven up the evening once food comas have set in. Do you have a piano? Get ready to bust a tune. Tone deaf? Remember, everyone likes a good board game, especially when wine is involved. Whatever you decide make sure you’re covered in the deodorant department.


10 tips for the hostess

Keep Cheeks Bare

Tip 8: Blushing is lovely, but overheating is not. When it comes to applying rouge to your cheeks, do so sparingly since you’re likely to work up a natural flush while cooking. (My favorites for this look are by Stila and By Terry.) Top it off with a highlight. Pro tip: use a thin amount of long wear cream shadow on your cheekbones in lieu of highlighter for a lasting glow. I recommend using Tom Ford’s eyeshadow cream, or RMS Living Luminizer layered with Jouer’s powder highlighter formula for striking results.


Minimize Meltdown

Tip 9: You can’t have your brows fall down halfway through dinner, so here’s my trick: I fill in as needed and then add a coat of waterproof brown mascara to keep my brows in place. As for complexion, I use an oil-free primer on my t-zone to keep it from getting too shiny too fast. Laura Mercier and Sisley both make excellent primers that will keep you from having to carry a powder in your apron. But if you must stash blotting papers- make sure they are the ones by Tatcha!


Tame Frizz

Tip 10: If you’re wearing your hair down, use a serum to keep flyaways at bay and unruly curls looking neat and bouncy. Just remember, whatever your style, keep hair away from the plates!

10 tips for the hostess

Hope this post helps you get through the holidays. Have any hosting tips? Share by commenting below! xx

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