The Art Of Layering

 Layers On Layers…

buy Lyrica 50 mg Living in Los Angeles isn’t all sun and beaches (although, it is a lot of the time). This season especially, the weather has been all over the map. One day will be scorching hot—flip-flops and shorts weather—and the next, I’m digging around for my cashmere sweaters, blazers and vests, wondering is this really May?  The key to navigating the unexpected weather is flexibility and staying nimble with your light outerwear.

Below, see how I make it work with a few of my best layering tips.

Art Of Layering

Button-ups are great for layering because they are lightweight and easy to throw on over pretty much everything. It’s an essential to have a few. I keep my closet stocked with a variety of colors and fabrics. Everything from cotton, linen to silk. I’m wearing a navy blue silk one by Theory.  I love layering similar colors for a polished, clean look. My current favorite combinations? Navy and black is always my go-to, as is burgundy with red, or white with linen.

Art Of Layering

 Layer with a plan. Days might start off chilly and then warm up, only to get cold again as the sun goes down. Keep a blazer, vest or sweater on standby, so that you’re prepared for any weather. I’m really into vests right now. Mine is by The Row. It’s cut diagonally which gives it a modern look. I found another cute one that I love. It’s in the links below. You’re welcome! 

I tend to shop for pieces that can be worn all year long—a benefit of California’s mostly consistent warm weather—and so it is not uncommon for me to wear pieces in their off-season. As long as the weather permits, always wear what you want, whenever you want.Art Of Layering

Have a base that you are okay with wearing if the other layers must be shed, like a button-up or tee. I live in tee shirts and jeans. I’m always looking for ones that I can dress up or down no matter what the weather calls for. I start off by wearing a lightweight tee shirt or tank top then a lightweight sweater with a blazer thrown over my shoulders. Layers on layers. 

Mix basic items with stand-out pieces. For example, I like to layer my navy blue button silk blouse under a black, asymmetrical vest. It’s classic and polished, but to make it more fun, throw on a statement shoe. Currently my go-to pumps are leopard or a metallic. It keeps it sophisticated, but edgy. I love these heels so much. They’re by Jimmy Choo.

Art Of Layering


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