Boss Lady

[​bôs ˈlādē]


A woman in control of her career, in matters of the heart, and in as it pertains to her t-zone. Her handshake is firm and her cuticles aptly moisturized. She leaves no room for imperfection, which is why she is faithful to her skincare regimen and also why she takes the time to proofread her emails—twice, if necessary. She demands respect, and she gets it.  A state of mind that is achievable with the following products…

 Blotting Sheets

Don’t allow your personality to be out shined by an oily forehead. Keep blotting papers on hand at all times to remove any excess oil around your nose, chin or any other troublesome areas. My t-zone can get pretty shiny throughout the day so I always carry some with me. I don’t like using powder to touch up throughout the day because that can dry my skin out. Currently I’m loving the ones by Tatcha and Honest Beauty.

Hydrating Face Mist

Not to be confused with the aforementioned “shine,” we like dewy skin. Dewy skin is healthy skin. Spritz your mist throughout the day for a boost of hydration or to freshen your makeup. The weather this time of year drys my skin even if I’m lathering it in moisturizer so this does the trick for me. Honest Beauty makes a great one that I absolutely love and you can not go wrong with the one by Evian.

Honest Beauty Hand Balm

Always remember to tend to your hands. This balm is so deeply nourishing that won’t require multiple reapplications and will not leave skin feeling sticky. I have a few hand balms and moisturizers that I absolutely love, but currently this one is my go to. I’m constantly washing my hands because as a makeup artist I’m testing products on them. I use this every night before I go to bed. You can find it on my nightstand next to my bed.

Tatcha Kyoto Red Silk Lipstick

I always feel more powerful with a red lip. Besides, a boss lady never passes on an opportunity to make a statement. I love a bold lip and this particular red color. It really makes me feel empowered and my teeth look super whiter. It’s not only a staple in my kit, it’s also part of my beauty wardrobe.

Celine Tortoise Sunglasses

They add an air of mystery, don’t you think? I have had these particular sunglasses for a few years now. No matter how many shades I buy- I always come back to these ones. I love how they have a gradual tint and they go well with the shape of my face.

Gucci Princeton Leather Slipper

These are perfect because my feet are always cold and I’m always on the go. I just slip them right on and do not have to think about socks. They are so comfortable and pair well with my cropped denim. When I’m working the last thing I want to think about is cold toes or uncomfortable shoes.

Sophia Webster Boss Lady Clutch

How cute is this clutch? I found it at one of my favorite boutiques on Melrose Place, Elodie K.  I usually wear it as a cross body mini purse for a more casual look, but if I wanted to wear it as a clutch I just take off the gold chain. It’s so versatile which I love and it says Boss Lady on it and fits everything!

What’s your Boss Lady products? Share by commenting below or tag me on Instgram! @kiranasrat

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  • Fatma says:

    Hi, Kira 🙂
    Great post!
    I love the look! And your makeup! You really need to start sharing what beauty products you are wearing ;). Loving your blush and nail polish.

    Have a beautiful day


    • Kira Nasrat says:

      Hi Fatima! Thank you so much 🙂 My blush La Praire Rose Glow and nail polish is by Chanel. I actually have a nail polish post coming soon! And feel free to check out my other blog posts, I share the beauty products I’m wearing in them XO Have a gorgeous day too!

    • Fatma says:

      Thank you so much, Kira! I always get an update when you have a new post, and love them all.
      Have a beautiful weekend!

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